Strip Packs

Our production processes enable us to provide strip packs in a variety of materials which can be filled with tablets or capsules and formatted in daily, weekly or monthly dosages

A variety of materials can be used for strip packing including Alu-Alu (cold form), paper back foil and PET foil. Individual packs can be designed and printed in a range of colours to reinforce your branding, as well as displaying all required regulatory and product information and variable data.

Many different sizes of sachets can be filled with a range of solid dose products including powders, tablets and capsules or liquids, allowing us to customise packaging to meet your specific needs.

Our modern and adaptable machinery enables us to produce significant quantities of strip packs quickly. We can provide strip packs in single or double strip formats with perforations to help open the product without damaging the strip.

Overview of strip packs:

  • Formed and filled with tablets or capsules
  • Convenient daily packs with up to six different solid dose products
  • Weekly or monthly retail cartons
  • Rapid bulk production
  • Variety of materials can be used including Alu-Alu (cold form) and Paper Backed PET.