2D Data Matrix Printing and Carton Serialisation

2D Data Matrix barcodes and carton serialisation protect the supply chain as well as the consumer and are essential components in the Wasdell Group’s processes

The Wasdell Group is at the forefront of addressing the increasing problem of counterfeit, misbranded, adulterated and diverted drugs entering the pharmaceutical supply chain through the use of 2D data matrix printing and carton serialisation. Our overprint serialisation and inspection system ensures pharmaceutical serialisation to GS1 Standards.

2D data matrix labelling is a powerful tool and an essential component in the pharmaceutical serialisation process. We can apply and verify 2D matrix barcodes to each individual carton facilitating traceability throughout the manufacturing / distribution supply chain.

With existing and emerging legislative requirements differing worldwide, and with harmonisation of serialisation requirements on the horizon, we are supporting our clients’ growing needs in this area.

We are ready to work with customers on adhering to the new regulations relating to pharmaceutical serialisation (driven by the EU Directive 2011/62/EU on falsified medicines). These new regulations come into effect in Europe in 2019 and we have adopted a pro-active approach in our preparations for implementation of serialisation.

At the Wasdell Group we print 2D data matrix bar codes onto packaging components in-house and in-line helping our customers meet the changing requirements and legislation for licensed drugs and minimise counterfeiting of their products.

Carton Serialisation