Gender Pay Report

The UK government has introduced new reporting regulations under The Equality Act 2010 requiring companies with over 250 employees to annually disclose their gender pay gap. Wasdell Packaging has a workforce exceeding this limit and as such we provide the context of the results and our approach to closing the underlying gap.

Pay Information & Gender Split

Mean hourly difference between male and female employees – 28%

Median hourly pay difference between male and female employees – 6%

Mean bonus pay gap – 96%

Proportion males/females receiving bonus payment – 11%/2%

Proportion of males/females in each quartile :

Q1          73%        27%

Q2          30%        70%

Q3          25%        75%

Q4          38%        62%


As in the previous year, Wasdell Packaging is required to report its gender pay information as shown above and on the government website.

Our gender pay gap at 28% is unchanged from 2017 and analysis of this difference previously has shown this is the case because fewer females hold positions within the upper quartile. The reasons for this are complex and to a certain extent outside the control of the company. We have an open policy to recruitment from people of all gender but we do find there are significantly higher proportions of females applying for roles within the second, third and fourth quartiles. There are longstanding societal patterns and perceptions that have led to certain occupations being heavily dominated by one gender and this tends to be the case within contract packaging.

Prior year detailed analysis recalculating the gender gap for just the second, third and fourth quartiles showed the pay gap to be just 1%. Career progression within the company is not restricted by gender or any other criteria as the company promotes based on skills and experience.

As a company we are satisfied that all necessary steps are undertaken to ensure positions throughout the company are taken irrespective of gender.

January 2019