Just-in-Time packaging

Our JIT (Just-in-time) packaging services, also known as late stage customisation or postponement packaging, involves only finalising product packaging for distribution when there is a specific market demand or patient need.

JIT offers commercial pharmaceutical and clinical trial supply manufacturers a way of creating efficiency by reducing inventory costs, avoiding repackaging work and preventing waste.

We provide a full range of JIT packaging and distribution services to meet the needs of clinical trial sponsors and pharmaceutical manufacturers throughout Europe, including:

  • Ability to accommodate all clinical trial requirements – open and double-blinded studies
  • Multi-language label design including all European languages, Russian and Chinese
  • Worldwide shipment, storage and distribution capacity for investigational medicinal products (IMPs).

Wasdell’s JIT service is particularly useful for managing small volume requirements and the fluctuations in demand that often occur throughout a clinical trial. JIT also helps pharmaceutical companies and clinical trial sponsors to supply multiple markets from a single location, which is incredibly useful for products that have a short shelf life or have specific storage requirements to ensure stability. These challenges are becoming increasingly prominent for companies and sponsors as more biotech products enter the drug pipeline.

We offer flexibility and scalability through our JIT approach which helps our customers to reduce time to market and fulfilment cycles, optimise inventory management and simplify their supply chains while reducing obsolescence.

Other Primary Packing Services

We provide a full range of Contract Packing and Primary Packing services to meet the needs of healthcare, pharmaceutical and veterinary industries throughout Europe.

Blister Packaging

Blister Packing

With the ability to manufacture bespoke tooling and over 1,000 sets of blister tooling in stock, no blister packing job is too challenging for the Wasdell Group.

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Container Filling - Soild Dose, Powder Filling, Liquid Filling

Container Filling

We fill a wide range of containers with solid, liquid or powder products and can offer creative bespoke solutions whenever required.

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strip packing, strips

Strip Packs

Our production processes enable us to provide strip packs in a variety of materials which can be filled with tablets or capsules and formatted in daily, weekly or monthly dosages.

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Container Filling - Soild Dose, Powder Filling, Liquid Filling

Sachet Filling

Our sachet packs can be filled with up to six different dosage forms including tablets, capsules, powders or liquids.

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