Wasdell Group Trial Wool

Plastic packaging a thing of the past

The Wasdell Group is very excited about an in-house trial using wool as the material for blister packaging for pharmaceutical and nutritional products. An initial trial using this natural and recyclable product was carried out yesterday and has shown great potential. Further development of the product will now take place.

The Group has previously trialled a PET blister with some success but although the product is recyclable it is not environmentally friendly and its cost made it uneconomic for commercial use. Wool is in plentiful supply, is fully recyclable and ultimately bio-degradable. Wasdell has been working on a sustainable alternative since the decision was taken not to continue with PET.

With his background in the textiles industry, CEO Martin Tedham has long had an understanding of the characteristics and versatility of the raw material. He commented “it is important to think beyond the traditional uses of wool, an abundant and under-used natural resource, and consider it as a fibre which can be manipulated to provide a strong, sterile and recyclable product. We anticipate that this could bring huge benefits for pharmaceutical packaging”.

The development of the product is in the very early stages and the Group believes that it will be at least two years before it is in a position to commence any significant commercial trials in advance of showing it to the industry. However, the success of the initial trial has encouraged continued research and development to be authorised in the hope that the Group will be able to bring this product to market.

January 16th 2018

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