Quality Control laboratory at its facilities in Dundalk, Ireland

Pharmaceutical manufacturing and packaging company Wasdell continues its growth with the opening of its latest Quality Control laboratory at its facilities in Dundalk, Ireland.

The laboratory has now received HPRA approval to provide chemical and physical analysis of pharmaceutical products, ensuring the company is meeting regulations and registered specifications for the product, as well as reaching standards set by its clients for products imported for testing, as well as those manufactured by Wasdell. Previously, Wasdell offered Quality Control testing through its facilities in the UK, however the opening of the laboratory in Dundalk, Ireland will complement this and see a wider range of analytical services now available to customers across the UK and Europe.

Stability testing and release testing using modern sophisticated instruments, for example HPLC, UV, dissolution apparatus, FTIR and auto titrator, can be conducted at the Dundalk laboratory, as well as offering the opportunity to expand to additional services according to specific client needs.

Alan Clarke, Quality Control Supervisor for Wasdell, said, “The expansion of our services supports the needs of our current and future pharmaceutical customers and the laboratory has already been well received and is already proving to be in demand.

“Our unique position in Dundalk also enable us to offer services to businesses across Europe and the UK.  We are also very fortunate to be close to the Dundalk Institute of Technology and to have the brightest science graduates on our doorstep, supporting the future of the industry as well as the local economy here in County Louth.”

The laboratory was set up under the guidance of Wasdell’ s Qualified Person Raj Gaur, who has extensive experience in setting up Quality Control laboratories across the UK and Ireland.  Raj commented: “We’re very pleased that the new laboratory at Dundalk is now authorised to support the pharmaceutical industry in quality control testing.  The Dundalk quality assurance and control team is rapidly growing, and will continue to do so to meet the needs of our customers.”

“The laboratory offers excellent, professional services located in fantastic, modern facilities for quality control, packaging services and clinical trials services and we look forward to welcoming more new clients on board,” he continued.

Colin Newbould, Quality Director for Wasdell, added: “The opening of the Quality Control laboratory in Dundalk is a huge step to support a full-service operation for Wasdell and increase our abilities for clinical testing, allowing us to develop services such as stability and quality control testing.”

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