Technical support

Delivering cost efficiency, innovation and speed of service, The Wasdell Group’s technical division ensures every part of our business and our customers benefit from unique tooling production and technical support capabilities.

Our dedicated technical team design and manufacture commercial tooling for packaging equipment including blister packing, feeding systems and secondary packing applications.

We work with customers to take new products and packaging formats from concept to commercial application and can provide prototypes for focus groups and viability assessments as well as marketing activities.

Our tooling capabilities include:

  • Design
  • Pre-acceptance testing
  • Validation support
  • Maintenance
  • Recoating services

Such capabilities are unique to Wasdell and provides our customers with great advantages in terms of cost, innovation and speed of service. We use our agility to your advantage.

Technical services


Accredited to ISO9001 approval we can manufacture CNC milling and CNC turning components for medical devices in approved metals and plastics. If you’re looking for a one off job or a production run, here at Wasdell we can help.

We work closely with our medical clients to ensure that they receive the most from our services, consulting at the design phase on material issues and methods for reducing cost all the way through to final development and completion of the order.

Over the years, we have made extensive investments in our CNC milling and turning equipment, training employees and upgrading systems to continuously improve our productivity and maintain our competitive edge in the production of precision engineered parts used in products and equipment for the medical industry.

Wasdell’s commitment to quality and productivity has allowed customers to commit confidently to tight timescales and delivery schedules. With our backing, customers find they have an advantage over their major competitors in the medical industry markets.

Pharmaceutical tooling / blister tooling

Our extensive range of CNC milling and CNC turning machinery enables us to maintain an extremely competitive pricing structure. Our ISO9001 approval means you can be assured all tooling will conform to the highest specifications and can be supplied with full validation documentation if required. Our engineers are available to assist with the commissioning and setting up of tools we supply.

We can supply blister tooling for any make or model of machine. We can also supply automatic feed parts to any machine including Electromec EMF feeders, product detection systems and parts, carton change parts, custom made jigs and fixtures.

Our engineers are able to assist with the commissioning and setting up of all blister tooling that we supply. In many instances, our experience and understanding of all the key issues can dramatically reduce set up times which provides real benefits to smaller companies with limited in-house engineering facilities.

Why use The Wasdell Group?

Proactive investments

Thanks to our continued investment in the latest technology and our team of dedicated professionals, we are able to maintain an extremely competitive pricing structure and are committed to delivering value to our customers in line with the requirements of today’s lean manufacturing environment.


We are committed to delivering a quality driven and customer-centric support for clients requiring everything from niche market development parts through to scheduled volume batches, including complete supply chain management.

Tailored experience

We are able to undertake all types of projects and move quickly from initial concept to the final delivery. Whether you require a one-off component or a high volume production run so as to provide you with a ‘one-stop shop’. We utilise a highly advanced scheduling system to ensure our customers can meet their production deadlines.